‘I can connect with Leslie’s lovely spirit when I wear’ her earrings

Amy Kirk, a guest writer, tells her story of how her pair of Turtle Jewelry Designs earrings has helped her in her own life.

My “gentle peace” earrings, crafted by my dear friend Leslie, became one of my most beloved pair in very short order.  They’ve been in my possession for about four years and are ALWAYS with me when I travel.  Yes, they go with anything, but more importantly, I discovered that I can connect with Leslie’s lovely spirit when I wear them. If I anticipate or experience tension, I simply reach towards my earlobe and feel that circular pattern of metal and the delicate rose quartz stones and I become grounded and peaceful.  I am convinced that Leslie’s kind, gentle aura lives within her creations and I am so fortunate to have learned to tap into it.

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